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Inspirerad av George W Bush och The American Legion utropar jag härmed dvärgarnas eget krig mot terrorismen, "a war we did not start yet one that we will win. ...In this different kind of war, we may never sit down at a peace table... but make no mistake about it, we are winning and we will win."

Dvärgarnas korståg behöver frivilliga! Klicka på den här länken och stöd dvärgarnas osjälviska insats för fred och världssamfundets bästa.

Behövs inspiration?

At this moment, America’s finest young men and women are serving in harms way on our behalf in places thousands of miles from our shores. In Iraq, they liberated oppressed people. In Afghanistan, the Philippines, parts of the Middle East and even here at home, they are preventing another Sept. 11. In over 130 countries, the U.S. military is finding and eliminating terrorists committed to destroying our way of life. As crucial as these operations are, however, America’s service personnel find their strength in the unfailing support of family, friends and the nation they serve.

It is important that everyone gives them all the support possible. Veterans of past wars know how much it meant to receive a letter or care package from folks back home. While today’s war on terrorism has altered some of the ways to say “thank you” because of security requirements, there are many ways that Americans of all ages can show support for our troops... Make a contribution to The American Legion’s Legacy Scholarship Fund for children of service personnel killed in action. Donate blood. Purchase a flag or yard sign to display proudly in front of your home. Post a message thanking those in uniform for their courage. Organize a prayer vigil at your church for our president and military. Volunteer at a VA hospital. How you show your appreciation for our troops is up to you.
As long as these dedicated Americans fight for us, we will be here for them. Indeed, they are our nation’s newest veterans.

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Grabben med Kniv sa...

Sluta hacka på dvärgar. Tänk om de hackade på dig, du skulle få sjukt ont upp till knähöjd. För övrigt ser du inte alls ut som Uje, utan som en av skaparna av South Park, vi har glömt vilken.
Besök vår sida. Jajajaja.
Grabben med Kniv
Ps. Too much, too young är bästa med Specials